Bunny it’s cold outside…

You think snow is cool? You ain’t seen nothin’ babe

Let’s see why they’re making such a big deal about this white stuff

Yeah, don’t know what they’re makin’ such a fuss about

I could stay here all day!

Ok, maybe not. I’m cool, but damn this snow is COLD


Since the weekend we’ve been seeing the most extreme snow here in Ireland for decades, and winter has just begun! Cars are stuck, roads impassable, flights grounded, deliveries halted. The city centres are being deserted after 4pm to beat the big freeze home. The child in me absolutely LOVES it. The adult in me will soon feel inconvenienced if it goes on for much longer. But for now, YAY SNOW!

I also got some fab footage of Einstein’s snow binkies, but shall have to wait till I can steal Dave’s ‘puter to do some editing before I can post it. My little netbook just can’t handle the HD goodness! Bunny is now recovering from his exertions upstairs in my bed. Something tells me I’ll be changing the sheets later.

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